Kapadokya Balon Turu

Balon turu, Kapadokya’yı gökyüzünden keşfetme imkanına sahip olacağınız eşsiz bir deneyimdir.

Kırmızı Tur

Kırmızı tur, her gün sabah saat 09.30 da başlayan bir grup turudur.

Yeşil Tur

Yeşil tur, her gün sabah saat 09.30 da başlayan bir grup turudur.

Atv Turu

Turlarımız bir saat üzerinden yapılır. Belirtilen ücret haricinde extra bir ödemeniz olmaz.

All Activities and Details

About Our Hotel

The CARPET which is one of the old cultural heritages of the Anatolia cannot be described from anywhere better than Cappadocia which is one of the oldest cultural settlements of the Anatolia. For this reason, all rooms of The Loop hotel have been designed by inspiring from the carpets which are the fingerprints of the Anatolia. Every carpet gives sources to a different mood, for this reason each one of 12 rooms of The Loop hotel shelters a story of a different carpet. The Loop which presents a wonderful Cappadocia and Kızılırmak (Red River) scene from the sunrise to the sunset due to its location has been restored from an old palace. For unique pleasure in the Cappadocia which is the middle of the Anatolia’s culture and nature heritage …

Rooms and Breakfast

When you think about Cappadocia breakfast, the first things that comes to mind are various fruits that are collected from the trees while traveling in the valleys, the fragrant tomatoes that come fresh from the gardens, the peppers and the handmade salty waffles that the local women baked. Homemade butter and cheeses are a must for a breakfast in Cappadocia. A good breakfast, especially in Cappadocia, means an organic and elegant table.

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