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The today’s name of the town whose old name was Laodicea Combusta is Ladik. The Ladik carpets whose oldest samples dated back to 1... Continue Reading


Kula is one of the most famous carpet weaving centers of the western Anatolia. The most characteristic carpets had been woven in t... Continue Reading


The composition that the strips arranged side by side form on the main base of the Zara carpet contains very rich symbolism. In th... Continue Reading


The group composed of several tribes called Yaycıbedir(li) came from the Eastern Anatolia and settled to the Western region. The c... Continue Reading


The Bahtiyari rug is produced by the nomadic Bahtiyari tribe. The rugs reflecting the simplicity of the nomadic life and being wov... Continue Reading


Gördes knot, double knot or the closed-loop is a type of knot which takes this name as it is used in the Gördes district of Manisa... Continue Reading


The carpet making as a handicraft was brought by nomadic people who immigrated and came to Uşak from the Central Asia. The gaining... Continue Reading


The Feshane carpets form a group specific to the last period Ottoman Palace production together with the hereke carpets. The weavi... Continue Reading


Upon the thought of the Sultan Abdülmecid to decorate the Dolmabahçe Palace with the best carpets of the world, the carpet product... Continue Reading


The first Turkish silk carpet examples were encountered in the 18th century. The Turkish silk carpets in which the silk thread is ... Continue Reading


Milas which hosted many civilizations for hundred years made its name heard by the world with the hand weavings in addition to its... Continue Reading


The old name of Yahyalı which is a district of Kayseri was Gazibenli. The tribes settled in Yahyalı have protected their tradition... Continue Reading