Milas which hosted many civilizations for hundred years made its name heard by the world with the hand weavings in addition to its historical richness. That Milas is on the Muğla-Bodrum roadway and the locality is at the advanced level in terms of tourism are directly related with the being heard of the name of its carpets.

That Bodrum becomes an international tourism center and that the tour operators in the holiday towns arrange tours to the Milas market and the villages in which the carpet is woven for the tourists that they accommodate have formed important advantages for the Milas carpets, and also they have brought along the productions appropriate to the fashion. The Milas carpets which have had considerable reputation have become the favorites of the tourists. By this way, the Milas carpets become the first option of the tourists in purchasing souvenirs to their homes, spouses and friends. That the Milas carpets are woven with the Turkish motifs and the used colors and threads are specific also make them valuable in the world. That its examples are exhibited in the Metropolitan Art Museum (New York) is the biggest indicator of its place in the world.

These Milas ADA carpets not having altar have many different pattern versions. They are generally woven in the Etrim, Karanlık and surrounding villages. These are the motifs which have been diversified and which have got richer with the merging of the nomads coming from Tavas with the community coming from the islands.


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