The today’s name of the town whose old name was Laodicea Combusta is Ladik. The Ladik carpets whose oldest samples dated back to 17th century had been woven till the World War II. The carpets which are produced mostly in the type of the prayer rugs (seccade) are the artworks which combine and integrate the Ottoman palace style with the local features in the most beautiful and successful way.

The altars form the main compositions of the Ladik carpets. On the sections corresponding to the upper and lower sides of the altar, there are juxtaposed long-stemmed and leafy flower motifs.

The interior decoration of the Ladik room has been made by inspiring from the flower and altar motifs used in the carpet.


  • Otopark
  • Hızlı Giriş/ Hızlı Çıkış
  • Wifi
  • Günlük Temizlik
  • Havaalanı Servisi(Ücretli)
  • Isıtma
  • Tur Danışma
  • Teras
  • Araba Kiralama Servisi
  • Klima
  • Güneşlenme Terası
  • Bahçe


  • Döviz Alım / Satım
  • Fax / Fotokopi
  • Restoran